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Anointed Assasin

What is The Anointed Assassins Summit and How Does it Work?
The Anointed Assassins Summit is a life-changing half-day immersion that will help you break free from the spiritual strongholds that have been keeping you bound. God’s healing is available now, God’s redemption is available now, God’s peace is available now.

Apostle Shannon Evette will guide you through the half-day virtual immersion where she will equip you with tools to enter the next level of supernatural breakthrough.

What Will I Learn?
- Learn to identify and defeat the python, Delilah, and Jezebel spirit that aims at your destiny

- Learn how to function as an Earthly king and priest to rule and reign in the kingdom

- Learn how to be purified and protected against the seducing and delusional spirits that have infiltrated our culture

- Learn how to issue restraining orders against high-level warfare, witchcraft, premature death, and more

- Learn how to enter the courtrooms of heaven and how to command angels

- Learn the five realms of domine and how to activate the angelic covering and divine intervention