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Sound of the Psalms

Embark on a transformative 12-Part Biblical Sound Healing Journey, blending ancient wisdom with cutting-edge scientific insights. Dive deep into prophetic music and Psalms, meticulously curated to elevate your spirit and harmonize your body's cellular structure. Harness the divine frequencies cited in Psalms 150:3 and Isaiah 30:29, experiencing the extraordinary union of faith and science.


  • 12 Psalm Sound Meditations: Each day introduces a new Psalm meditation, designed to resonate with and activate specific spiritual frequencies.
  • 12 Prophetic Prayer Guides: Amplify your healing with daily guided prayers.
  • 12 New Testament Scripture Meditations: Enhance each Psalm with complementary New Testament verses, deepening your spiritual insights.
  • 12 Meridians Body Healing Scripture Scan (BONUS): Explore a unique somatic scan aimed at promoting physical healing through scriptural resonance.
  • 12 PDF Story Guides: Understand the historical and spiritual significance of each Psalm.
  • 12 Prophetic “Speak LIFE!” Proclamations: Overcome limits and invigorate your days with powerful daily affirmations.